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New Shadow Owner

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

The smiles don’t get much wider than that. A happy man, Kiyo bought his bike at El Camino last month. He has some work to do but he did well overall. Let’s see how it looks in the months to come. I’m sure he will get it looking better than it has in years.



Best of luck! I’m sure we will be riding together soon!

Cambria Ride

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Although I was not able to attend I did receive some action shots of some folks and their Vincent’s as they enjoyed the vistas around Cambria.


Guess who?


How about this guy?


What can I say, Bill is the man!


I will see if I can get someone who attended to try and update with particulars if possible.


Our S.O. showing it how it’s done!

Keep the Rubber side down.


Rally in the Rockies Update

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

The Rally was a blast from this participants perspective. I had to leave prior to the end but not before taking a few rides around the area. Here are some photos. I will expound more on the Rally but I have a lot of updates to enter so for now take a look at the pix!!

Josh’s Outfit for the Rally

My Setup in Mancos

Bar Hodgson and his bike Gunga Din

Bar Hodgson and Gunga Din, his factory racer

Dennis Magri and his Vindian

Dennis and his Vindian

 Bob Ives, Mike A., Robert Rymer, Josh B., and David Marshal in Dolores Co.

The boys on a ride to Dolores, Co.

Bob Ives, Mike A., Robert Rymer, Josh B., and David Marshal in Dolores Co.


There were about 75-80 Vincents there from what I was told. I was able to take a ride with Robert Rymer and Bar Hodgson on Monday and with the guys above on Tuesday. Monday was a joyride through the mountains around Mancos. Tuesday we went to Dolores and saw Sam Manganaro’s VincentWorks shop as well as  Colorado Norton Works a few miles away. It was a beauty day and fun was had by all!