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No January meeting

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

There will be no January meeting, due to New Year’s day falling on a Saturday, plus the Vegas auction the following weekend.  Details on the February meeting will be forthcoming, possibly at Rob Arnott’s in Corona Del Mar.

Sidecar rally 2009 Griffith Park

Friday, December 10th, 2010


Red Rapides

Friday, December 10th, 2010

The upcoming Bonhams Las Vegas auction will be featuring a low mileage, fairly original, barn find Red Rapide, found in the Fresno area.  I remember stopping by Hugh Darby’s place somewhere in central California, back in the ’80s, and he had a Red Rapide among his large collection.  I’ve always wondered what happened to those bikes, and wondered if this Red Rap might have been his.  I googled around, and found a few blogs with the same Bonhams info.  One long time Vincent owner from Texas posted a comment on one blog, saying the bike couldn’t be all that original, since only the fenders and tank were red.  I had to straighten him out, so I added a comment to say that it is pretty well known that not all Red Raps were all (or mostly) red.  I know of many west coast Red Rapides that only had the tank and fenders red.Original LA Vincent section rideHere is a photo from the original LA Vincent club, on one of their club rides, and there are two such Red Rapides.  The man in the middle, towards the back, still owns his to this day.

Cretin-NortonOC Swap Meet

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Corina and I rode the Touring Comet to the swap meet at the Cretin clubhouse.  What a great location.  We got there towards the end, but we saw Mike and Liz.  I heard a couple of other Vins were there earlier.  Had a couple of nice conversations with Cretins, and a very enjoyable afternoon.  We left and wanted to stop by Olvera Street for some taquitos, but can you believe the parking lots around there don’t allow motorcycles?  What’s up with that?