Rare Amal ‘tidy’ Bars

Carleton Palmer mentions special Amal bars that some early Series A bikes had in his section review in the June MPH.  A few days later, Doug Sawicki of the Motor City section phoned me to track down information about an early Comet in California that has one of these rare optional setups.  I put Doug in touch with Chris McIntosh, and Chris kindly filled in some details and provided some pictures.  Turns out there are two variations, ‘clean’ bars and ‘tidy’ bars.  Carleton was describing clean bars, where the cables can be run inside the handlebars.  Chris has tidy bars, where the brake and spark advance both attach to a common clamp, and the lifter and clutch levers both attach to a common clamp.  It is possible to have both setups, clean and tidy.  Thanks, Chris, for sending these photos of your tidy bar setup.

tidy-1.jpg tidy-2.jpg

tidy-3.jpg tidy-4.jpg

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