David Dunfey’s Grey Flash

Here are a couple of pictures of David and his Flash taken by Carleton Palmer II at the last Maxton land speed event.  Note the front brakes.  I asked David about them and here is what he says:

“The brakes are the 8″ brakes made by Hugh McAlister and sold by the Club. AHRMA allows me to use OEM style brakes up to 8.5″, so I decided to try them. They are pretty good for racing, although I suspect the 4 leading shoe conversion might be better. AHRMA does not allow 4 leading shoe brakes in Class C. The 8″ are more expensive than the 4 leading shoe, but for racing I feel you need to use new drums, so, in effect, the price is comparable. I had a rear brake drum shatter at Deland and although I have not had a hub shatter, others have, so I think it is good insurance to use a new one. A final advantage is that the geometry of the shoes appears to be correct. As has been discussed on the Forum, the Factory made a mistake when designing the original brake plates that makes the braking spongy.”

img_4227.jpg img_4228.jpg

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