Ojai Ride with the Norton Club

Mike proposed that we grab breakfast and meet up with the group at the destination in Ojai. So we went the the Hungry Fox and ‘fueled up’. Then we bombed up the 5 to 126 towards Santa Paula. It was a lovely day, a little chilly early but by noon it warmed up. We headed up the 150 towards Ojai and the rode twisted through hills that wound like ribbons. The Rapide did just fine. Running strong and smooth. Once at the ‘museum’ we met up with Greg McBride on his early B Series Shadow (48 I think, I will confirm) and Derry Naylor on his lovely C Series Black Shadow. Bill Easter was there on his C Series Shadow as well.



Greg and Derry were seeing my Rapide for the first time.


Mike and I stayed a while and Mr. Tagart, the owner of the Egli, came over to talk and tell us stories of years gone by in Ojai.

The collection was amazing, it could be a blog entry on its own!

We stopped at Bocelli’s on the way home for a nice warm meal. Smooth sailing.

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