BSA Hansen Dam Ride / Barry Smith Memorial All British Run

Gosh it was a lovely day and Mitch Talcove and I arrived early to the lot. Here’s a shot of Steve Batesole and Mitch, Steve is in front of my Rapide and Mitch is in front of his.

Steve B. and Mitch T. at Hansen Dam 2012

Then as the clock neared 10 I had some concern that Bill Easter had not yet arrived. Lo and behold, there he was, nearly 10 AM, hands black and dirty up to his elbows. He got a flat en route. His CO 2 had run out and Dave Marshall had his small pump. Here Bill is explaining his situation to Mike Aleksander as Mitch and Dave Marshall bear witness.

Bill Easter explaining his circumstance

We lined up all the Vincent’s in attendance and we had seven Vincents: Tony Stefani’s Comet, Bill Easter’s 52 Shadow, Dave Marshall’s Rapide, Derry Naylor’s Shadow, Bill Melvin’s Shadow, Josh Bogage’s Rapide, and Mitch Talcove’s Red Rapide. A good group.

Seven Vincents

From the other side,

Seven the other way

The Comet took off and the rest of us headed up to Acton, where we had a decent Mexican meal. The day was warm, but it was truly a beautiful one. A successful day all the way around from my perspective. Cheers, thanks to the BSA Club for hosting this major annual event that all Brit Bikers can enjoy.

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  1. TouringComet says:

    Wow, nice turnout of Vins. Nice to see them all gathered together in a group.

  2. Boge says:

    Thanks Steve. Tony Stefani rode his well sorted Comet and as you can see there were 6 twins, 3 Shadows and 3 Rapides. A lovely day!

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