Saugus airfield

Herb Ailslieger was a club member of the original LA section.  He took some photos when some Vincent owners ran their bikes at Saugus airfield.  As typical, clutch work was in order that day.  Herb passed away awhile ago, and his Red Rapide that he bought new was recently sold by his brother.  The new owner sent me copies of photos that Herb took.  The photos show my father and Gene Ohman working on their Shadows.  My father’s Shadow is number 5s, while Gene’s is 4s.  My father had crashed into a car, so that explains the non-standard front fender.  I still have the seat stays that my father made to make the seat fully sprung.  You can see that my father swung the front foot rest up, removed the kick start, and turned the gearshift lever around to use the rear foot rest.  The battery was also removed.  You can see the Indian breather fitting that is still on the bike (although I have it blocked shut).  I think these photos are from 1955.  Gene is in the striped shirt, my father is in the long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

Saugus1 Saugus2 Saugus3

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