30 year anniversary of Dave Matson’s records

30 years ago today, August 15th 1988, Dave Matson raised his existing record in MPS-AF-2000 (modified, partial streamlined frame, altered engine on fuel, 2000cc), now called MPS-F 2000. Back then, you had to first make a qualifying run over the existing record, which Dave did on August 14th, with a speed of 220.399 MPH. The next day, the 15th, he made 2 more runs used to calculate the average speed of 225.643 MPH. Later that same day, Dave took the fairing off, to run in class M-AF-2000, now called M-F, and qualified with a speed of 204.165 MPH. The next day, August 16th, Dave made the 2 runs to average 210.357. At the time, that was the fastest speed recorded by ANY unfaired motorcycle. Dave’s 225 MPH record was near the top for any partial streamlined sit-on bike, I think the top record at that time was somewhere around 230 – 240 MPH. For 1988 Speed Week, both of Dave’s speeds were faster than any other motorcycle on the salt that year. Both records are still in the SCTA record book, and the 210 MPH record is still the fastest speed with no fairing, and without forced induction (ie, excluding the blown classes, turbo or supercharger), that I see in the SCTA record book.

Congratulations Dave, a remarkable achievement.

Photos credits to Arlene Matson, Susie Ellsworth, and Steve Doherty. Click the thumbnails for larger images.

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