Vincent Custom wins Quail Best of Show

Section member Mike Klingerman commissioned Max Hazan to build a Vincent engined special, and it won the prestigious Best of Show award at the 2022 Quail Motorcycle Gathering. It also won awards for Best Style & Design, and Best in Class.

Here are some details from Mike:

“A custom Vincent may not appeal to some of the purists in the club but it may help to know that I found the engine and most of the parts after sitting for almost 50 years. Since the bike was in pieces and slightly incomplete, I thought it was a great opportunity to trust an artist like Max to create something unique. There are far too many details to list but I’d be happy to share with any members that care to know. I will say he made everything from scratch, including the carbs. He even reengineered some aspects of the engine: 4 plugs, 2 custom mags, and many other things. I think he created something very exciting and innovative.”

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