Shout Out to Stephen D.

BikeMike misses you already Steve and he asked me to upload a photo from our ride up the Ortega Highway last Summer. I say ride up because the photo illustrates the descent in the trailer. Fun regardless. BikeMike’s Rapide on the left, your Comet (Steve) in the center and my Rapide on the right. An envious load. Send us some pictures from your forays round your new home. Once the spring arrives of course.

CheersSteve D. tying down his Comet 

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  1. TouringComet says:

    New Years Eve here in Dublin, there is a concert or something going on and the roads in the city centre are blocked off, which really messes with the bus routes. We are hoping to not need to buy a car over here, and the bikes haven’t cleared customs yet, so we have been using the buses quite a bit, they work pretty good here for getting around town.

    I met up with one local Vincent owner, Peter Redmond, a couple of weeks ago. The other local member, Henry Martini, is in Florida.

    Had a pint of Guinness today, it was pretty good. I usually have an Irish ale, Smithwicks. Our temporary apartment is right around the corner from “the oldest Dublin pub”, the Brazen Head (see With all the eateries in the city centre packed or having special events tonight, we figured the Brazen Head might not be so crowded since it is a little bit away from the city centre. We did have to pay a fee to get in tonight since they are also having a band for New Years, but that included one drink, so the cost wasn’t too bad. We were able to get a table straight away, and the food is great. Not too bad for being a ‘touristy’ place.

    Still house hunting although we finally saw a nice one, hope we can get it. The container should have arrived in the Dublin port just the other day, so we are not quite ready to move to our own place just yet without our furniture, luckily my employer will pay for some storage time so if we are able to arrange a place by the end of January, the container should be cleared in plenty of time and we won’t be out of storage time yet.

  2. Boge says:

    Glad to hear you are settling in. Best to wait a little bit and get the lay of the land before deciding on a location. I’m sure the holidays in Dublin are amazing to share. Beautiful day here in LA. I’ll post some pictures in a moment.

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