Ride for the Roses

Burger Continental in Pasadena was the place to be this morning. I arrived a little on the late side, but not too late to see well over 50 bikes lining Lake St. Norton’s of course, but a far share of Ducati’s, BMW’s, Yamaha’s, Harley’s, Excelsior’s’ (well one at least).


It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I know that Bill Easter and Steve Batesole were there on their Shadow’s. Mike A. was there on his Rapide.


I had rode my Triumph Tr5 as my Rapide is still going through a slight sort with the timing and wheels. Bill Easter shared my table at breakfast (which was amazing) and discussed current goings on. He had brought my new timing tool from Clever Trevor and in the course of our conversation he mentioned that he had assisted in timing another bike just this past week. Maybe if I figure out how to use the new tool I can help with this procedure.

Wes and Yolanda were on attendance as were many more. I will edit the post as I recall. I’m tired at the moment.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Here’s a picture of a Norton, Laverda, and a Triumph which was representative of how the block looked on both sides of the street!


I did not go on the ride so if there are additional pictures of stories related to it, please add them as a comment or send them to me and I will do so.

Here is a link to more photos of the ride:


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