First Ride in Ireland

Peter Redmond came by to lead me around the Wicklow mountains south of Dublin, and we went on a fabulous ride, just under 100 miles.  It is very scenic around there, great views, lakes, farms, streams.  As some of you may recall, the last time I had the Comet out back in LA, on the ride from Dave Marshall’s to Lake Elsinore, my Comet wouldn’t start after we stopped at the lookout.  After Mike picked me up with his trailer and took me back to Dave’s, and once the Comet had cooled off, it started fine.  It always starts easy when it is cold, but I thought I had developed the classic magneto-condenser-hard-starting-when-it-is-hot syndrome.  Before leaving on the ride this day, I was adjusting the carb to get a good idle, and found that the air mixture screw was out quite a bit.  I cranked it in, and got a much better idle.  I think that might have been contributing to the hard starting when hot issue, since I had to start the Comet a couple of times during the ride.  The Comet ran pretty strong, climbing the mountains pretty well.  Here is a picture of Peter and our two Comets taken when we got back to my house.


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