April Meeting and Ride

We departed on a short pleasure ride through Griffith Park and up around the Lake Hollywood reservoir where we stopped to obtain evidence of said ride. Bill Easter and Doris Endo were on Bill’s Shadow, Dave Marshall rode Mitch Talcove’s Red Rapide. Victor Cohen was on his TR6 Trophy, and I was on my Series C Rapide.

April Section Ride Hollywood Ca. 4/07/12

We returned to my home in time to prepare for the gathering hordes. I would say we had a decent turnout which I am sure will be fully covered in the next newsletter. Here is a shot of two guys named Mike I was honored were able to attend.

Mike Aleksander and Mike Parti

Liz made some Easter eggs in since it was the Saturday prior.

Vincent Hardboiled eggs 

Mitch’s bike looked lovely as usual.

Red Rapide

It was a lovely day and I know I enjoyed myself.




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