Mike Parti: Honorary SoCal Section Member

Joining Marty Dickerson and the founders of the section Bob and Cathy Kountz. Mike has worked on over 200 engines over the years and he is still a vital go to man when one begins to try and unravel various dramas that may arise in relation to sorting one’s machine. His machining capabilities are superior to most and his history with the marque, from piloting a sidecar rig, to working side by side with Rollie Free, made the decision to bestow this honor on him all the easier.

Here is a picture of Mike receiving a small plaque to commemorate the event, his grasp was tight and his appreciation for the recognition remains high. I saw him last week and he mentioned that he is installing a shelf to display the plaque for all to see. He is a very proud but humble man and I was honored to share not only in our section organizer Mitch Talcove’s presentation, but the celebration as a whole.

A day I won’t soon forget. Mike is so generous with his time and knowledge. And he has a million stories too! Congratulations to Mike, for being recognized for his wealth of knowledge, and to the section for making a good decision to acknowledge a man who has spent countless hours getting to know the method to Vincent’s madness


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