Shadow is running again, first ride in Ireland

Just before moving to Ireland, I had problems starting the Shadow, it was coughing and popping.  I figured I was bitten by the poor quality modern fuel, that had gummed up.  Over here in Ireland, the license process for motorcycles excludes riding bikes with high horsepower until you get a full license, so I wasn’t initially too worried about getting the Shadow running.  We are going to move a few miles away here in Dublin next week, and I didn’t want to bother Henry Martini to borrow him and his trailer to get the Shadow over to our new place, so I took the time to clean the carbs.  Sure enough, that did the trick, and after remembering that I had drained the oil for shipping, I took the Shadow out for a short spin.  Boy, it sure was nice after a long absence to get back on the Shadow.  Time to celebrate with some champagne.


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  1. Boge says:

    Looks great Steve! I hope the paperwork is soon sorted. I’m putting the magneto back on the Rapide with Dave Marshall. Can’t get the Alton to put out enough to keep the ignition and lights going. I’m sure the magneto and Alton will be more practical than the coil ignition setup.

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