February 2013 Section Meeting

I know it’s been a while and I haven’t forgotten. Been busy… riding.

Here are some pictures from our last get together at my house on Feb the 2nd. There was a decent turnout and my friend Heather took some nice pictures so here they are:

Section Colors

 A shot of the Driveway / dining area, frenzy ensuing


Reverse Angle

from the other side to illustrate the proceedings

Tom Gross, James Salter, Jody Nicholas, and Peter Aish

a decent cross section of the Section membership

Tom, James, Jody & Peter

 BikeMike’s Bike

Pretty Picture!

Josh and Ed

No shortage of opinions!


Mike A, Derry & Dave from the back


 I will try not to be so elusive. More to come, ride to Ojai is tomorrow. The season begins!



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