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Ireland To Italy

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Peter Redmond and myself, starting off, along the road in France, and near the Mont Blanc tunnel.

Start InFrance Alps

Tax Disc

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

First time I’ve had the need for one, found a nice generic black holder at a local motorcycle shop.


East coast of Ireland

Saturday, March 28th, 2015


Vincent Belt Buckle

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

Here’s an old piece of Vincent swag.  Tom Andrus made the pattern and had some cast, I think in the 1970’s.


AMA District 37 Competition Cards

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

A couple of old competition cards for AMA District 37


Old Decals

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

A couple of old decals I found recently.

OldDecal1 OldDecal2

Bay District Motorcycles

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Another old dealer.  This one was in Santa Monica, and is where my father bought 4 motorcycles.


Schumacher Motorcycle Sales

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Here is a receipt from an old shop that was located in Torrance.  After my father rode his Shadow for a few years, it seized up, and when he took off the top end and barrels, the rods were a little loose, so he split the crankcases, and took the flywheel assembly to Schumacher to have it serviced.  They installed an Alpha big end, and put the crank back together.


Impromptu Ride thru Malibu and the Rock Store

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Bill Easter has mentioned that we did not have many rides planned so I proposed a short ride last Sunday and got 5 of us out early and up to County Line by 9:30 AM. Here’s a picture that I cropped and blew up so it may be grainy.

Vincents in Malibu

This one may be better:


So we stopped for a bit and around 10 AM we headed up into the hills. We wound around for a while and ended up on Mulholland Highway and the Rock Store. Unusual to have 4 Vincents at the Rock Store so we got some attention. Until Antoine Predock, a So Cal VOC member, showed up on his Bimota Tesi, a very exotic bike. It’s front end is a swing arm and it is center hub steering. Way ahead of it’s time the bike is over 20 years old now. It was a treat to see him as well as another Vincent owner, Bjorn Nilsen. Bjorn saw us and mentioned that he had a “C” Rapide that he had not run for about 10 years. He had issues with backfiring that he felt were fuel related. I believe that seeing us invigorated his desire to ride his again and I think we will see him and his Rapide soon!

Antoine generously took my photo with my Rapide so here’s that prize.
Bones at the Rock

Then we left the Rock Store and grabbed some chow. Tony, Patrick and me headed into the belly of the beast and started lane splitting about Tamp as we crossed the Valley and finally got back to Echo Park. Tony peeled off in Burbank and overall the day was a success.

Bill informed me the following today about the end of his ride:

After Derry and I left you guys at the restaurant, we went back
to Mulholland Hwy. and proceeded east. Somewhere on a straight stretch
after passing Las Virgenes Rd., Derry passed three cars with me catching
up and after pulling in front of them, his bike quit. He had a suspicion
what was wrong and he proceeded to remove the mag cowl to find a wire off
of the coil. That was fixed and we were off. Derry took Old Topanga
Canyon Road, which leads to Topanga Canyon Blvd., and I continued on with
my original plan to turn right at the end onto Mulholland Drive. After
crossing Topanga Canyon Blvd., Mulholland turns into a narrow,
residential road which some very interesting homes situated on the north
side. Eventually, a “Pavement Ends in X Feet” is encountered and then an
“Pavement Ends” sign is encountered and the pavement dose indeed end.
The dirt road has not been maintained for a long time and it is full of
ruts and it is extremely bumpy. After a while, “No Motor Vehicles,
Motorcycles, etc. are permitted beyond this point” signs were encountered
quite frequently. I could not determine if they were for the road or for
off the road. Eventually, I came to an impressive gate across the road
just beyond the top end of Santa Maria Road so I gave up on going farther
on Mulholland Drive. This is in Marvin Brade Gateway Park (per the mat
and some sign that I passed) which is totally undeveloped. Your tax
money at work. I checked the map which showed that Santa Maria went
through to Topanga Canyon Blvd. but it was signed private property,
permission to cross required from owner. This road was paved and went by
a number of ranches and I eventually got to Topanga and went to PCH with
a lot of traffic on Topanga. I retraced my route home via PCH, I-10 and
the I-405, arriving about 2:00 P.M. Derry would have hated the dirt road
as it was very rough where the ruts were not. There was no washboard,
probably because it had not been leveled for so long. I usually think
that the washboard effect is created by the bull dozer tracks to begin
with and then use and rain intensify them.

That’s all for this week, next week is Hansen Dam, BSA ride and the following week is meeting with ride preceding at Tom and Debbie’s. See K17 for more info.

Busy May, get those bikes ready!


Shadow is running again, first ride in Ireland

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Just before moving to Ireland, I had problems starting the Shadow, it was coughing and popping.  I figured I was bitten by the poor quality modern fuel, that had gummed up.  Over here in Ireland, the license process for motorcycles excludes riding bikes with high horsepower until you get a full license, so I wasn’t initially too worried about getting the Shadow running.  We are going to move a few miles away here in Dublin next week, and I didn’t want to bother Henry Martini to borrow him and his trailer to get the Shadow over to our new place, so I took the time to clean the carbs.  Sure enough, that did the trick, and after remembering that I had drained the oil for shipping, I took the Shadow out for a short spin.  Boy, it sure was nice after a long absence to get back on the Shadow.  Time to celebrate with some champagne.