Off and Running, the First Meeting of the Year


Well, I’ve only been attending these meetings for about 35-40 weeks now as opposed too some in the section who have been doing so for nearly that many years! I’ve enjoyed all the gatherings up to this point, but this was the most fun so far. Perhaps it was the venue as much as it was well attended.

The meeting was held at the section headquarters AKA Bill Easter’s loft and, speaking for myself,  I think that this made for a comfortable setting. I must qualify these remarks by saying that, all the meetings I have attended have been comfortable and welcoming, but there is was certainly less inhibition at the clubhouse and for those who have hosted other meetings I have attended please do not misconstrue my observation. All the meetings have been a blast, but the clubhouse affords a special experience. Considering that you must go through Bill’s home to access the loft and in doing so you pass a good deal of motorcycle literature, as well as actual motorcycle history below the loft. Suffice to say there are various motorcycles in addition to Bill’s Vincents.

The Loft provides a wealth of seating as well as a couple of bars to obtain refreshment. Of course there were many Vincent signs and even some evidence of  the Vincent’s record breaking abilities in the form of a Bonneville speed record certifications! I’m sure that the more one visits, the more one will see.

We had a good bit of food to help soak up the libation and we even held a meeting!

Initial plans for the years possible journeys and picnics, etc were outlined. Stay tuned to K 17 and this Blog for specifics when they become available.

Here’s a couple of pictures submitted as proof of these allegations. I seemed to get Bill Easter’s back each time and he was a superlative host as one would expect.

Afterwards, I had a constructive discussion with Mitch Talcove regarding the sorting of my Rapide (which is almost complete). I feel like this is only the beginning and I look forward to my continuing education.


The pictures do not do the gathering justice. If anyone has any pictures or anecdotes or both, please send them to me and I will disseminate them to the Section masses.

Here’s to a great 2012, it’s off to a good start so far!


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