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BSA Hansen Dam Ride / Barry Smith Memorial All British Run

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Gosh it was a lovely day and Mitch Talcove and I arrived early to the lot. Here’s a shot of Steve Batesole and Mitch, Steve is in front of my Rapide and Mitch is in front of his.

Steve B. and Mitch T. at Hansen Dam 2012

Then as the clock neared 10 I had some concern that Bill Easter had not yet arrived. Lo and behold, there he was, nearly 10 AM, hands black and dirty up to his elbows. He got a flat en route. His CO 2 had run out and Dave Marshall had his small pump. Here Bill is explaining his situation to Mike Aleksander as Mitch and Dave Marshall bear witness.

Bill Easter explaining his circumstance

We lined up all the Vincent’s in attendance and we had seven Vincents: Tony Stefani’s Comet, Bill Easter’s 52 Shadow, Dave Marshall’s Rapide, Derry Naylor’s Shadow, Bill Melvin’s Shadow, Josh Bogage’s Rapide, and Mitch Talcove’s Red Rapide. A good group.

Seven Vincents

From the other side,

Seven the other way

The Comet took off and the rest of us headed up to Acton, where we had a decent Mexican meal. The day was warm, but it was truly a beautiful one. A successful day all the way around from my perspective. Cheers, thanks to the BSA Club for hosting this major annual event that all Brit Bikers can enjoy.

BSA Hansen Dam Ride and Corsa Moto Classica

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012


 Below find info regarding the coming weekend here in So Cal. 

 Ride Safe

Sunday 29 (Sunday) – Barry Smith Memorial All Brit; meet at the Hansen Dam Aquatic Center, 210 Freeway at Osborne, Dronfield entrance to lower parking lot at 9 am; ride at 10 am; Steve Ortiz 951 245-5287 or Barbara Barrett, 661 703-9249.

Corsa Motoclassica

Presented by Garage Company, started in 1995 and is now approaching it’s 17th annual race held at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosemond, CA in mid 2012.

Corsa Motoclassica 2012

Date: Friday April 27th ~ Sunday April 29th

Location: Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA
AHMRA url: Get more detailed info –> Click Here
Links/Forms: copied from Ahmra’s site – Entry FormPage 2-EntryRace PreviewTransponder Rental Forms,AHRMA’s Racing School Application Form
Info: copied from Ahmra’s site
• GPS Coordinates: N=34.86374, W=118.26498
• Gate fee: $15/day, $25/2 days, $30/3 days.
• Concessions: Yes.
• Camping: Yes.
• Schedule: Thurs—Gate opens 5 pm.
• Schedule: Fri—Track Run Practice.
• Schedule: Sat—Gates Open 7 am. Sign up 7:15 am Practice 9 am.
– Racing begins 12:30 pm.
• Schedule: Sun—Gates Open 7 am. Sign up 7:30 am Practice 9 am, Racing begins 12 noon.

• Track Info: Willow Springs Raceway, 3500 75th Street West, Rosamond, CA track 661.256.2471 web site www.willowspringsraceway.comarry Smith Memorial All Brit; meet at the Hansen Dam Aquatic Center, 210 Freeway at Osborne, Dronfield 

April Meeting and Ride

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

We departed on a short pleasure ride through Griffith Park and up around the Lake Hollywood reservoir where we stopped to obtain evidence of said ride. Bill Easter and Doris Endo were on Bill’s Shadow, Dave Marshall rode Mitch Talcove’s Red Rapide. Victor Cohen was on his TR6 Trophy, and I was on my Series C Rapide.

April Section Ride Hollywood Ca. 4/07/12

We returned to my home in time to prepare for the gathering hordes. I would say we had a decent turnout which I am sure will be fully covered in the next newsletter. Here is a shot of two guys named Mike I was honored were able to attend.

Mike Aleksander and Mike Parti

Liz made some Easter eggs in since it was the Saturday prior.

Vincent Hardboiled eggs 

Mitch’s bike looked lovely as usual.

Red Rapide

It was a lovely day and I know I enjoyed myself.




April Meeting and Ride

Monday, March 26th, 2012

The April meeting will be Saturday, April 7th.  The ride will start at 2 PM, so please arrive by 1:30 with a full tank of gas.  The meeting will start at 4 PM, and the food will be potluck.  Meet at Josh’s place in Echo Park near Dodger Stadium.  Details in K17.

First Ride in Ireland

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Peter Redmond came by to lead me around the Wicklow mountains south of Dublin, and we went on a fabulous ride, just under 100 miles.  It is very scenic around there, great views, lakes, farms, streams.  As some of you may recall, the last time I had the Comet out back in LA, on the ride from Dave Marshall’s to Lake Elsinore, my Comet wouldn’t start after we stopped at the lookout.  After Mike picked me up with his trailer and took me back to Dave’s, and once the Comet had cooled off, it started fine.  It always starts easy when it is cold, but I thought I had developed the classic magneto-condenser-hard-starting-when-it-is-hot syndrome.  Before leaving on the ride this day, I was adjusting the carb to get a good idle, and found that the air mixture screw was out quite a bit.  I cranked it in, and got a much better idle.  I think that might have been contributing to the hard starting when hot issue, since I had to start the Comet a couple of times during the ride.  The Comet ran pretty strong, climbing the mountains pretty well.  Here is a picture of Peter and our two Comets taken when we got back to my house.


Ojai Ride with the Norton Club

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Mike proposed that we grab breakfast and meet up with the group at the destination in Ojai. So we went the the Hungry Fox and ‘fueled up’. Then we bombed up the 5 to 126 towards Santa Paula. It was a lovely day, a little chilly early but by noon it warmed up. We headed up the 150 towards Ojai and the rode twisted through hills that wound like ribbons. The Rapide did just fine. Running strong and smooth. Once at the ‘museum’ we met up with Greg McBride on his early B Series Shadow (48 I think, I will confirm) and Derry Naylor on his lovely C Series Black Shadow. Bill Easter was there on his C Series Shadow as well.



Greg and Derry were seeing my Rapide for the first time.


Mike and I stayed a while and Mr. Tagart, the owner of the Egli, came over to talk and tell us stories of years gone by in Ojai.

The collection was amazing, it could be a blog entry on its own!

We stopped at Bocelli’s on the way home for a nice warm meal. Smooth sailing.

February Ride

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

February 12 (Sunday) – Annual Ojai Pilgrimage: Meet at the Cactus Patch in Moorpark, 197 High St in the old “downtown” section of the city.   Click Here to view map!!!   Ride leaves at 10 am for Grimes Canyon, Santa Paula and the Webster/Taggart collections; lunch at Bocalli’s around 1:30 pm

Ned on a Vincent?

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Wow, I read in K17 that Ned showed up at the Norton ride on a Vincent.  Can it really be true?    – from Steve D.

Ride for the Roses

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Burger Continental in Pasadena was the place to be this morning. I arrived a little on the late side, but not too late to see well over 50 bikes lining Lake St. Norton’s of course, but a far share of Ducati’s, BMW’s, Yamaha’s, Harley’s, Excelsior’s’ (well one at least).


It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I know that Bill Easter and Steve Batesole were there on their Shadow’s. Mike A. was there on his Rapide.


I had rode my Triumph Tr5 as my Rapide is still going through a slight sort with the timing and wheels. Bill Easter shared my table at breakfast (which was amazing) and discussed current goings on. He had brought my new timing tool from Clever Trevor and in the course of our conversation he mentioned that he had assisted in timing another bike just this past week. Maybe if I figure out how to use the new tool I can help with this procedure.

Wes and Yolanda were on attendance as were many more. I will edit the post as I recall. I’m tired at the moment.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Here’s a picture of a Norton, Laverda, and a Triumph which was representative of how the block looked on both sides of the street!


I did not go on the ride so if there are additional pictures of stories related to it, please add them as a comment or send them to me and I will do so.

Here is a link to more photos of the ride:

January Ride and Meeting

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Here are a couple of dates to save, sorry for the short notice regarding the ride on the 31st!

Quoted from Norton Club Update:

Dec 31st – How about ending the year on a high note at the 26th Annual New Year’s Eve ride? Join us for a breakfast buffet on Saturday, January 31st at Burger Continental, 535 S. Lake in Pasadena (south of Colorado, Lake exit off the 210). We leave for Newcomb’s at 11 am and return to Pasadena around 2 pm stopping at a new Lucky Baldwin’s location just east of Pasadena City College on the south side of Colorado Blvd (before Allen). The weather forecast is for temperatures in the high 60s in town and the mid-50s in the mountains, no rain, ice or snow… and no excuses. New Year’s Eve is on a Saturday this year.

January 7th –  Meeting at Section HQ (Bill Easter’s Loft) 6PM This is a pot luck meeting refer to the K17 or contact Bill Easter for further info